Saasify's mission is to make it easier to launch SaaS APIs.

SaaS isn't SaaS without strong support for subscription billing and today we're proud to announce a much tighter integration between Stripe and Saasify.

One of the most requested feature requests we've received is to support more flexible billing models that represent common pricing scenarios.

With this launch, our billing models reflect Stripe's subscription billing models and features much more closely. 💪

And the best part is that the majority of this work is open source!

Some example features include:

  • Support for more than 2 pricing plans
  • Support for non-metered billing plans
  • Support for tiered billing models
  • Custom features on a per-plan basis
  • Custom rate limits and general config of services on a per-plan basis
  • Saasify services are now aware of the plan users are calling with (so you can, for instance, have a free plan that includes watermarks on image results)


Example of 3 pricing plans with rate limits, metered billing, and custom features.

Example of 3 pricing plans with rate limiting and metered billing disabled

And here's the default billing model if you don't specify one. It combines a base price of $0.99 per month with metered billing to pay a small amount per request.

Default billing model.

Release Notes 🚀

Note that previous deployments will continue to work as-is (the upgrade is backwards-compatible).

If you want to redeploy a project, however, you will need to update your saasify.json pricing config to the new format.

The CLI will warn you about this. For more info, visit our docs on pricing and configuration.