First off, we're excited to launch a real marketing site for Saasify! 💪

Launch your very own SaaS product and start earning passive income today with Saasify!


This launch represents a pretty substantial pivot in terms of our value proposition and messaging.

We were previously focused on OSS sustainability and serverless functions, two aspects of our platform which just weren't resonating with developers.

We'll definitely still be helping OSS authors to monetize their work (always for free!), but this will no longer be a core part of our marketing messaging.

The other main pivot is to support any externally-hosted API as opposed to having to host serverless functions with Saasify. This dramatically simplifies the integration process and greatly expands the types of more complicated use cases that we're now able to support.

It's also a very important part of the feedback process as we've found that most indie devs who are interested in monetizing their side projects want to own their own tech stacks.

So regardless of if you're a Ruby on Rails developers, a Python dev, a Java dev, JS dev, etc, or if you prefer to host on Heroku, AWS,, Digital Ocean, or any other hosting platform, we support all of these use cases.

You just give us a description of your externally hosted API's endpoints and Saasify generates everything from there. 💪

Updated Value Proposition

Saasify is the easiest way to launch your own SaaS business.

We're currently focused on making it easy for developers to monetize their APIs, and in the future we'll be gradually adding support for more SaaS verticals.

Here's how it works.

You give us a description of your API (your product's core functionality) and from there, Saasify generates a full, customizable SaaS product.

This including support for billing, subscriptions, user accounts, docs, and a polished marketing site -- everything you would need to start validating a SaaS idea with real customers.

We do all of this so you can focus on what actually matters: your product and your customers.

How Saasify works in a nutshell (more info).

Our Goals

You can think of Saasify as the Shopify for SaaS.

Our goal is to unlock the full potential of indie makers by reducing the friction it takes to go from idea to selling a SaaS product as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We see so many exciting products fail to launch or gain traction because their makers waste too much time on SaaS boilerplate.

This is a huge pain point for developers that we've run into ourselves, and it's one that our team is uniquely positioned and excited to solve.

If you're looking to launch your own SaaS product, then signup for our beta today!